Audio gear list

And Always Growing

QSC K10 loudspeakers (6)

QSC K12 loudspeakers (2)

QSC KW152 loudspeakers (4)

QSC KW 181 sub woofers (12)

QSC KLA 12 Loudspeakers (4)

Shure  microphones

  • sm57
  • sm58
  • pg 81
  • beta 52
  • beta 98
  • blx sm 58
  • blx pg30 headset

Audix microphones

  • OM2   
  • i5
  • f9 

Live Wire Passive DI box

Presonus SL24 Digital mixer (2)

Presonus RM32

iPad wireless control

ProLine Mic stands

OnStage Mic stands

DR Pro Mic stands

Live sound reinforcement

Hear What You See

We are proud to offer some of the latest technology available to this industry- including digital mixers, wireless microphones, powered speakers and wireless iPad control.

With up to 48 channels, we are able to cover small, medium and even larger outdoor size shows.

Let us put together a system that meets your needs, whether it is an all day main stage at a county fair or acoustic coffee shop show.

Lighting gear

(also always growing)

7x8w flat  LED par fixtures (60)

36x10w large moving heads

               w/ adjustable focus (10)

75w LED Beam moving heads (2)

90w LED Spot moving heads (4)

10' sections of global truss (3)

10' sections of Trusst truss (2)

14' Global truss lifts ST-132 (6)

12' Dura Truss DT3800 (6)

8' light trees (4)

Elation PC control (2)

Blizzard Lighting control Lucid

DMX signal splitter (6)

800w fog machines (2)

1200w hazer

1500w Hazer

Blizzard Lighting AtmosFEAR Tour HZ

Professional stage lighting

See What You Hear-

Its important to sound your best, but it's just as important to look your best. Using all LED fixtures, we are able to pack a large light show into a smaller venue where traditional "hot par" cans would not work.

Our experienced lighting technicians can operate the lights as flashy or laid back as you would like. We know how to add to your show with lighting that compliments your music